With few exceptions, there is only one way to make a fortune in the business world – it is with his own company.

John Paul Getty (15 December 1892 – 6 June 1976), American industrialist and billionaire, founder of the Getty Oil Company and the Getty Center

There is no doubt that by creating and operating a business it is possible to make a fortune. With his oil exploitation, John Paul Getty became, in his time, the richest man in the world. A modern example it would be Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. More recently, young entrepreneurs have become billionaires in record time: people like Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, Larry Page and Sergey Brin who started Google, Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook …

It is true that such successes are exceptional. To succeed in such a way, you need to have a great idea, a solid business model, the financial means necessary to mount your business, products or services that many – really many! – people want to buy … And yet, even the best business idea in the ​​world is never a guarantee of success.

Fortunately, to become a business owner, you do not necessarily need to create one. You can simply buy an existing business, preferably one that is well established, has good products, which earns a lot of money …

The downside is that the companies that are best-known and make the most money are worth billions: the value of a company like Apple is thus estimated to be some $ 650 billion, that of the oil company American ExxonMobil 330 billion. Google is worth $ 490 billion, Microsoft 435 billion. *

Buying such a company is therefore excluded, but that does not prevent us from buying a small part of it. So we can become a co-owner of the company in question, we are entitled to a portion of the profits made and distributed by the company in the form of a dividend, and if the business thrives and grows, we participate in the increase its value.

But how to do it ?