Should I save or should I invest?

Everyone – from students to young professionals and retirees – has to plan: whether for university fees, a house or a decent retirement. This pod...

What exactly are equity, bond and real estate assets?

This podcast looks in the different types of assets and the possibilities how to purchase them directly or indirectly via investment funds.

The Basics of Investing: Impacts on Investments – Part 1

The Basics of Investing: Impacts on Investments – Part 2

The Basics of Investing: The Costs of Investing

What is an investment fund?

This podcast explains the basic principles of how investment funds work and how to know the value of your investment. You will also learn how to buy u...

What is a UCITS fund?

This podcast focuses on the UCITS brand and explains why this type of investment fund developed in Europe and has gained worldwide recognition over th...

How does a UCITS fund work?

This podcast summarises the benefits of investing in UCITS.

How can UCITS funds protect investors?

One of the cornerstones of the UCITS law is investor protection. The following podcast explains why investor protection lies at the very heart of UCIT...

The Basics of Investing: Students